Arbidex Official Chat Rules

Please follow these rules to make our chatting experience pleasant to all users

– No excessive use of caps-lock, bold or italic fonts, colourful text;

– No harassing or insulting other members;

– No racism, sexism, hurtful or other discriminatory remarks;

– No extremely offensive conversations (politics, religion etc.);

– No porn in any form;

– No discussing or planning illegal activities;

– No advertizing (links and messages about non-related projects/pages/groups/channels etc.);

– No spam (sending similar messages again and again);

– No trolling (provoking or/and annoying other members etc.);

– No scamming (offers to buy someone’s account etc.);

– Please do not spread false rumours

– Please do not create negative atmosphere in the chat

Last Updated On October 31, 2018